John Grisham - Most Recent Releases

John Grisham - Most Recent Releases

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Although John Grisham gained popularity through legal thrillers, he has successfully branched out these past few years. For a more up-to-date taste of his work, here is a short list of John Grisham's most recent releases.

Gray Mountain

Published on October 21, 2014, Gray Mountain is about a Manhattan lawyer who spends a year in Appalachia after losing her job during the 2008 financial crisis. In the process, she learns a lot about small town culture.

Eventually, she enters the courtroom for the first time in her legal career and has a run in with big coal that becomes dangerous.

The Whistler

Grisham's most recent book, The Whistler was published on October 25, 2016. While judges are expected to be models of intelligence, honor, and impartiality, The Whistler tells the story of a corrupt judge who bends the law.

With a plot that involves the mafia, whistleblowers, hidden identities, and danger, this book has all the ingredients to make a page-turning thriller.

Camino Island

The prolific John Grisham will publish his 30th book in 2017, titled Camino Island. The story revolves around a set of handwritten F. Scott Fitzgerald manuscripts that get stolen and sold into the black market. The FBI, a secret agency, and a young writer all get involved in the investigation of these missing documents.

Fans will be excited to hear that Camino Island will be released on June 6, 2017. Don't want to wait? Check out this complete list of Grisham books and see if you missed one of his earlier novels.


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