St. Mary`s Hospital

St. Mary`s Hospital

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St. Mary's Hospital in Amsterdam, New York, strives to provide compassionate care to the individuals and community it serves. Joseph of Carondelet, this 143-bed acute care hospital is a member of Ascension Health - a national Catholic health ministry.St. Mary's is a network of specialized treatment units. The Progressive Care Unit features progressive hemodialysis, cardiac, and pediatric services.The Comprehensive Mental Health Center at the hospital is an asylum for mental illness. A Birthing Center and a surgical unit are also available.The Center for Complementary Therapies, through individual and group programs, is dedicated to provide complementary healing therapies. The Healing Touch Program, endorsed by the American Holsitic Nurses Association, includes a church ministry program, yoga, reiki, and hypnocounseling.The St. Mary's Wellness Institute, with 15 education and support centers, is committed to impart high quality education to the residents of the Mohawk Valley. SMH Health Sciences Library provides comprehensive information for patients.More than a hospital, St. Mary's has four primary healthcare centers in Amsterdam (Carondelet Pavilion), Johnstown, Canajoharie, and St. Specialty medical, laboratory, and occupational health services are offered.

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